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The largest shoe factory in the Ukraine. Due to high quality products, the company is known, and abroad - in the CIS countries, the European Union and Asia. The manufacturing process uses materials shoe uppers, soles and accessories of leading manufacturers in Turkey and Italy, only the highest quality.

The factory produces two registered brands: "EL PASSO" - the female line, and "ARMADA" - shoes for men.

The electronic catalog there are more than 1500 models of shoes. A variety of models and colors dictated by current trends in the fashion world. The range of models presented classical, youth, sports and casual shoes. New in the collection features the latest models from the collection autumn-winter and spring-summer. Also available with an assortment of shoes can be in the exhibition hall, which is located on the territory of the factory. In addition, four times a year collections are presented at the International specialized exhibition of footwear. Exhibitions are held in the International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

By purchasing the company's products EL PASSO, you will get a fashionable and comfortable high quality shoes.

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+38 (099) 611-17-17, 611-21-21

+38 (068) 497-08-24, 497-08-25

+38 (063) 481-68-92, 481-68-97

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